mercredi 10 juin 2015

Fudo Myoo

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ws his fudo(not changing) . This means that he wish all practiser not giving up their practise,bodhi heart,compassion and so forth. Actually,there is a dragon in his sword. One of his famous vow is he want to be every practicer's servant. Since you chant his spell for one time,he wont leave you alone for all lifetimes. His anger is based on emptiness which is completely different from our anger. Usually we see red Fudo,yellow Fudo or blue Fudo. In Japan,there is five Fudo status in five parts of Japan. They got different colour of their eyes. Many fire rituals in Japan are for fudo myoo. By practising him,we should have to understand his tolerance,his braveness,his determination. Also,in Japan,we might hold his mudra and chant his spell under the waterfall and do the mediation with the bloodly cold water. When we after eating something,we use the food left to do an offering. Fudo myoo has the vow to eat things left in our plate in order to eat our bad habits. Well,fudo myoo also got nine row shubo(九字切),invisible self-protective shubo(聖不動護身法),19 letter mediation (十九字布字法)and many unique rituals in different temples or shingon schools which are exclusive.

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